Pure Drinking Water in Raute Community

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Raute community people who do not want to make permanent home in one place, currently they are living in Gurans rural municipality ward number 8, stream side of Paltkhola. The children of Raute community use to spend all day playing next to stream. They try to copy their parent’s job like making wooden pots. As their daily activity, in Monday

A woman is filling water in the pot after exist of pure drinking water in Raute community.

morning children were busy to play with wearing one cloth in their body. They didn’t care who are coming and who are going. At that staff of Raute project reached their.

Especially children and women had trouble to take drinking water from far. They had to walk up and down therefore before some days temporary drinking water management team was working there. One of worker informed to headman of Raute that the water is coming through water pipe and process had started before they came there. Headman of Raute inform to all children and women of this community. All children and women of this community were there. Children were very happy and women start to fill drinking water in pot.

The president of Gurans rural municipality Mr Khem Oli says that in Raute community happens different kinds of diseases because of drinking impure water therefore they managed this pure drinking water over there. Raute community are in province number 5 and 7 who do not have their permanent home and address but among them this is the first community who has pure drinking water facility. There is not only pure drinking water facility but having trouble to take water from far and doing up and down problem is also solve so that children and women are very happy.

Children are having fun with happiness after of pure drinking water in Raute community.

Couple staff of Raute project Mr Lal Bahadur Khatri says that this water taken far from 400 m through pipe in Raute community where living one hundred forty-nine members in this community are.

Aim of Raute project is to help them to become healthy and to have positive changes and impact in their habit. Founder president of Social Service Center (SOSEC) Dailekh, Mr. Hira Singh Thapa says that pure drinking water is funded by Gurans rural municipality and organized by AEIN & Social Service Center (SOSEC) Dailekh. He also says that they have temporary pure drinking water facility because they don’t have permanent living system in one place. Mr Bhupendra Khadka has helped in this successful process. He has cardamom farming next to Raute community. This water was taken for his farming before.