Wish to see the world

Shahil Kumar Thapa

Dailekh, A thirteen years old girl Himani khanal currently living in Aathabish municipality ward 2 Singaudi, didn’t get chance to see the world clearly since she was 6 months. Everything was dark for her: surrounding to her future. She used to go school with the help of her friends but was not able to see words. While she was good at studying, due to sight problem she was facing difficulty at studying.

Nearly one year ago she was caught by regular headache and eventually led to itching and falling of tears automatically. She did not had money for checkups. From scholarship of community school, she checked her eyes at local medical. Which turned her both eyes into blind state. Neither had she had helping hands nor money because of which she was not able to visit good hospitals for checkups.

She has eight years old brother at home. It has been a year since her father went India to earn money and is not returned yet. Her farming fields are not fertile enough to grow crops. She said, “money earned by my mother was wasted by father in alcohols. He even went to India to earn money and now neither he sends money nor he returns’.

From the combined help of SAVE THE CHILDREN and SOCIAL SERVICE CENTER (SOSEC), she went to Nepalgunj and checked her eyes. Because of which her dark world are now shining. She said, “I had wished to see the world and now it’s fulfilled. I even wanted to play and visit places wherever my friends would go, but it was not possible. Due to poverty, my eyes were losing sight and with their help, now I’m complete.” Crushed by life, now Himani is feeling like she has won the world. “Nobody should lose the eyes because of same like my conditions” she added.

“For the identity of children’s in worst condition: government should have helped but SOSEC Nepal Dailekh gave their hands”, said General Secretary Naina Bahadur Shahi. Problems like this cannot be fully fulfilled by the local organizations’ help. Its responsibilities should be taken by government was the voice of Mr.Shahi.


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