Mini Mind Distinction Find

Hima, a ten years old students of grade 3, daughter of poor family, was bound to drop out from school due to the poor economic  status, however a small hand of assistance extend by a non-governmental organization made continue her schooling.

Hima Raskoti Magar, student of Grade 3, at Shree Bhawani Secondary School Bahakot Bishala Dailekh.  There are seven sisters and  parents in her family.She was interested for schooling but she was unable to continue her School Education due to the poor family member. As her father was physical disable even there is little land registered in his name. They sometime had to go to work in their neighbors to join their hands to the mouth. She used to come to school with rangy and shaggy clothes once or twice a day  in a week.  She was always absent and returned to home from the school to help her father for house work. Her classmates used to insult and discriminate her because of her ragged dress up  but  she was  still dreaming to go to school.

Due to the desire of Hima to continue her school is concerned an English proverb ‘mini mind distinction find ‘ has come to true.  SAHAYATRA  project of  Social Service Center (SOSEC) Dailekh partnership with the Save the Children implemented in Dailekh district  assisted her with educational/scholarship  support .Field staff of Bishala, Mr Krishna karki met and convinced them (father and mother) of Hima and  also encouraged her to be regular in the school.

According to her class teacher Tilak Gautam, Hima is punctual and regular now in school. She comes to school with her homework regularly. There seems a lot of positive changes in the behavior of Hima (such as neat and clean, friendly, increase in learning achievement, good behaviour). Not only in school with her teachers, she is well mannered at home too according to her father and mother.  Now she was in dress up, does her homework regularly and accepted by her classmates and other friends as well as loved by everyone. Hima is expecting   helping hands for her development. She says” My father is disable and mother is illiterate but I am full of desire for study to help my disable father and  illiterate mother in future getting job”


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