Case follow-up: The changed lifestyle of Himani


Shahil Kumar Thapa

Thirteen years old Himani living in Dailekh, Aathabish municipality ward no. 2 was found in her school’s area. She studying at 8 in Saraswati Madhyemik Vidhyalaya seemed very happy. She read aloud the terms and conditions banner easily, which was pasted in wall 10 meters away from her.

Initially suffering from eye problems, 6 months ago she was freed from that particular problem. And now her way of living has changed. Not only she attends her school daily, but also she helps her mother at household work.  Before going schools with her friends help, now not only she is able to go on by herself but also does every work nicely. The top ranked student of class Himani, was falling on her grades due to her eyes disabilities which led on seeing unclear alphabet. “Now she again has started topping her class” said one teacher. She suffered from headache a year ago, which eventually led to falling tears. Due to reason of poverty, she used her scholarship money to check up her eyes in local medical. But the problem remained as it is.

Followed by lack of money she could not afford to checkup at hospitals and didn’t had any helping hands to take her to hospital too. With the joint help of ongoing district program organized by Save The Children and Social Service Center (SOSEC), Dailekh, she was sent to Nepalgunj for checkup. At Nepalgunj her eyes were cured and at present she is able to see clearly. She said “I could not see world clearly 6 months ago, now I feel like I have won the world”. She also added that she wanted to see world since 6 months which has now been-fulfilled.My daughter sightsare restored and her mother added, “not only her, but all families are happy with it now”.


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