Successful life by product of persistence

Amrita Bista having tremendous changes in her life now a day’s, permanent resident of 11 Narayan Municipality. Means of change is Raili Youth club. She is able to bear change in her life, through initiation of youth club, facilitation of Social service center and her own hardworking. She has got 10 family members. In the initial stage, her family faced problem for basic needs easy food and clothing because of low income through  traditional agriculture, but not now.

Their key problems were food, education for children and health care.  Now they are very happy because Amrita has been selected by the youth club which is supported by the AEIN Luxembourg and TDH Germany and Program Implementation By the Social Service Center (SOSEC), Nepal. After her selection, she got technical and modern training with multipurpose on modern farming, cash crops. She running 10 members family easily.  She has been provided poly house, small drip irrigation, seed money, skill on preparing organic fertilizer and awareness program by the social service center.

She is now producing off-season vegetable. Beside this, they are producing  small stinging nettle or hot plant powder,  through the training on powder producing training and getting NR 30 to 40 thousand annually.  Additional 20 thousand through the off-season vegetable. They are getting twin track through the vegetable because health and wealth. That is not the end, however, the seed money invested in retail shop and got one hundred and fifty thousand (150000NR). Through her initiation,  youth club is stopping liquor drinking, playing cards and even declaration of restricted area for the before mentioned activities.  Village getting change by her coherent involvement in campaign and now she is a role model in the village.

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५ पुष २०७४, बुधबार ०५:२७
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