“If you are willing to do hard work, No need to seek foreign employment”

Dipak Thapa felt rampant change through the establishment of youth club’s continuous attempt, which was established in 2069 BS by the support of social service center.  Depak Kumar Thapa a permanent resident of Mahabu Rural municipality doing his daily work in his cash croups vegetable farming.

He is getting enough benefit. He is a President of Laganshil Youth club. He often got training, now he is happy, however, the past days were not so worthy, . He had faced many problems such as food, education. He had involved in domestic animal rearing and traditional farming. Consistently, daily wage labor, to private sector sponsor teacher. In doing so, he hardly kept his family alive. Because, small income was not enough for entire family.  After his Presidency, he got chance to participate in training provided by the social service centre. Slowly he felt positive change and gradually go progress. He got training on modern farming system, seeds, poly house, small drip irrigation, training on organic fertilizer. He has quitted his teaching and joined in off-season vegetable farming.  Now he is a successful farmer, role model and gentle person in society. He is now getting 150000 NR annually. His duties are regular saving, regular meeting, social change campaigner. His first priority is to present in social service center’s activities.  He now teaching about off season vegetable farming in community. He wants to heartily thank to donor organization and social service center.

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५ पुष २०७४, बुधबार ०६:१३
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