Treatment of Raute Children

Surkhet, Kartik-1, Raute Children have been treated. Living the roaming life, they went down to Terai from the hilly region and as a change in climate happened most of the raute children fell ill. As they were not willing to take medicines or go to health post or medical for the checkup led in uncertainty situation. While distributing social security allowance in the Raute community, they saw a lot of raute children ill so, Social service center (SOSEC) Nepal provided arrangements for drug treatment.

After treatment on Asoj 29, 30, 31 children and the patients suffering from illness are cured. After the child refused to take medicine,

Shivraj Shahi of Raute community helped us said Social service center (SOSEC) staff Vinod Kumar Bc. He adds, “Now the children who were sick at the Raute settlement have been diagnosed with treatment and are fully cured except 3 children whose care is being taken”. Couple facilitator from SOSEC Lal Bahadur Khatri told that Raute community living roaming life and not taking medicine on time so, they sat on their community and made them take medicine on time.

Other staffs are going home to celebrate the Dashain but the Khatri said he will stay at their community to provide help even in this time. On the occasion of the Dashain, we cured 45  Raute children said SOSEC couple facilitator, Durga Khatri. Social Services Center (SOSEC) Nepal, Dailekh has brought the Raute project for the Raute community with help of AEIN since the Gurans RM has distributed the identity card to the Raute community. Treasurer Durga Shrestha said, “SOSEC Nepal has collected 3 employees including 1 AHA and couple mobilized them to stay near their community and help”.

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Vitamin A capsule and worm medicine in Raute Community

१ कार्तिक २०७५, बिहीबार ०७:२२
Surkhet Vitamin A capsule along with worm medicine has been provided to the children of Raute Community which is being implemented as a campaign by the government of Nepal since some years ago. 35 children’s having age group of 6 months to 5 years have been provided with those medicine […]

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