Vitamin A capsule and worm medicine in Raute Community

Surkhet Vitamin A capsule along with worm medicine has been provided to the children of Raute Community which is being implemented as a campaign by the government of Nepal since some years ago. 35 children’s having age group of 6 months to 5 years have been provided with those medicine and vitamin for the first time. The medicine and capsule was provided by Lek Besi Municipality ward 9 of Surkhet.

Annually Government is organizing this program twice a year i.e 6th and 7th of Baisakh and 2nd and 3rd of Kartik. In this year, second phase of program was organized on 14th and 15th of Kartik. On the first day of campaign, Raute community didn’t accepted to have the medicine.  On the concern, facilitation was made and the medicine was feed to 35 children of Raute community through Raute project which is being Supported AEIN & implemented by Social Service Center (SOSEC), Nepal Dailekh in coordination with Guras Municipality and Lek Besi Municipality of Surkhet as the community has moved to that place told Mr. Binod B.C, AHW of the project.

Children of Raute community were feed with Vitamin A capsule and worm medicine being at their own community, for the first time told chairperson of Social Service Center (SOSEC) Nepal, Dailekh Mr. Hira Singh Thapa. Raute have recently moved to Lek Besi Municipality – 9 Gagate, Surkhet from Gurash Rural Municipality, Dailekh. As the program was organized annually by the Government national wise, concern Government staffs used to return back when Raute community refused to have the medicine in past.

Nomadic Raute community is gradually believing in the modern allopathic treatment system, which has made easy on feeding capsule and medicine to the children said Thapa chairperson of the organization. He added that, Raute community are now being aware of sanitation and personal hygiene too.  In past Polio drops was feed to children in the community as the first imitation of treatment. 74 children among 148 total population are having resident in the community

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