N-Peace Award to Campaigner Mr. Thapa

Socialist Campaigner of Dailekh District, Mr. Hira Singh Thapa has been honored by N-Peace Award. Mr. Thapa is honored by N- Peace Award for the continuous campaign on society transformation, Women and Child Right, eradication of bad rituals such as Chhaupadi and Child Marriage in the district for around 2 decades. He was selected through UNDP N-Peace Network, working at various countries within Asia on Women, Peace and Security.

He was honored on “Campaigning for Action Men” category of N-Peace Award. Mr. Thapa, working on society transformation, Women and Child Right and eradication of bad rituals of society such as Chhaupadi and child marriage was nominated for the award. He was honored with prize and award on 5th March in the ceremony organized at Bangkok Thailand. He was nominated for the category of award by Asia Pacific Bureau of United Nation Development Program (UNDP). Online Voting was made after the nomination process. Voting competition was with other nominee of Pakistan and Srilanka.

He was honored on “Campaigning for Action Men” category on which single man is awarded from different countries of South Asia Pacific region. Although having birth on remote area of Dailekh, Mr. Thapa, is continuously contributing against child marriage, Chhaupadi, women and children right through various campaign and activities leading to construct a discrimination free society. Campaigner Mr. Thapa is actively raising voice against Gender violence, Bad rituals and superstations of the society. As a founder chairperson of Social Service Center (SOSEC), established on 2054 B.S he is actively engaged is social work and had identified himself as the mean of social transformation.

He recently is the chairperson of Social, Service Center (SOSEC) working on the problem and issues behalf of women, Dalit, Children and Marginalized people of the District. He is actively engaged in solving those problems and issues in coordination and advocacy with different line agencies, stake holders and government authorities. He is also the coordinator of Karnali province Nepal Child Protection Alliance.

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