My Menstruation

          |   945 Views   |   Published Date : 22nd March 2019 |

-Sunita Basnet

Oh, lucky enough my period

I am chosen to compile nature

Who can carry a person inside?

Only a desire is not possible

To carry the human inside without my period

Not the matter of impurity

Neither I am untouchable

Never far away from God

I took universe inside the body

A person who is a creator of a new creatures

I am incomplete without my period

Bhagwati too gets period

Always stays inside the room

Every day, Goddesses are worshiped

But why a woman carrying universe inside,

Is impure? Untouchable??

Despite, all your rejections

All taboos, rituals, sorrow and projections

Keeping quietly structuring

I was nurturing inside myself

I am perfect for that

I am chosen by nature

The red drop has planted the life

Not being far, becoming closer

Nurture a new life in womb

Through my veins, a motherhood

So that

My period is not a curse

Neither a burden but a blessing!

(Dedicated Chaupadi and daughters) April 11, 2018.