SOSEC Accountability (MEAL Mechanism)


Social Service Centre (SOSEC) Nepal is a non-governmental organization established in 1997A.D. as a non-profitable organization, separately from party politics for the widening improvement of socio-economic and cultural status of the backward people living in the rural communities. The organization is working with primary focus on overall development of the country acting as helping hand of the government initiatives. Some of the youths of Dailekh having similar aims and perception of developing prosperous society and country established the organization having inclusive provision of marginalized, Dalit communities, Women, diverse ethnicities in the legal system of the organization. With the main objective to promote human rights, health, education, CCDRR and further development of agriculture sector, organization has been implementing projects and programs which support to fulfil the actual needs of the community along with focus on skill development rather than mere input supports in coordination and collaboration with different donor and line agencies at Dailekh, Kalikot, Surkhet and Achham districts of Nepal.

The organization is working with poor and vulnerable communities, aimed to address their interest & needs by promoting socio-economic and cultural status. It also encourages the communities for raising their issues themselves along with support in participatory planning as well as prioritization of need-based interventions. SOSEC has also long experiences of working in the sector of people with Disability. During the implementation of project/programs by SOSEC Nepal Dailekh people disability is considered as a cross cutting issues and ensure meaningful participation and target as a primary beneficiary. The organization has been implementing 10 different project/programs in Dailekh, Surkhet, Accham and Kailkot District. Since 2015, 1024 HHs of people with Disability has received benefit by different supports, especially; educational materials support livelihood improvement support, minor appliances supports, capacity-enhancing training etc.

The organization is applying MEAL approach since 2015 for the quality implementation of its project/program’s intervention.

MEAL Approach

MEAL approach aims to emphasis the collection and use of data to support decision making, accountability and continual improvement. It seeks to ensure programs are not only Monitored and Evaluated, but beneficiary opinions are actively listened, quality of activities assured assessed against minimum standards and findings shared with relevant stakeholders and explicitly feedback into program decision making, incorporating Accountability and Learning. MEAL hence represents a practical and conceptual step beyond routine monitoring, learning and evaluation. It involves a commitment to use monitoring document and accountability feedback for the purposes of program quality improvement and decision making. This is an approach that organization is applying to promote and apply in all project and program implemented by SOSEC Nepal.

Down Load SOSEC MEAL Mechanism 2015 final

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