Story of Parbati: A youth activist, an entrepreneur

“I left my study due to inadequate Rs 3000.”

Parbati Thapa is a third child in her family and is now 28. Parbati belongs to pro-poor family residing in Bhairabi VDC ward no.4. Her father is a typical farmer engaged in agriculture as main profession in little amount of land they have in order to support the family’s livelihood. Surviving on little income from agriculture was a major challenge for her family with six members; Parbati, a younger brother, 3 younger sister and her mother & father. Besides them her two elder sisters married at very young age and left the family.

Although the family had difficult times even to support two-time meal, her father struggled a lot to continue the children’s study. However, the odds were against Parbati to succeed. She appeared in SLC examination of 2072 but couldn’t pass with 2 subjects. ” Efforts of my father alone was not enough to cover the expenses of extra coaching classes for me to pass the back subjects. I didn’t even have the money at that time to cover up my exam’s expenses, so I just stayed at home, giving up all my dreams to study”. Says Parbati remembering her old days. However, this girl didn’t give upon herself. She was firm to do something for herself and her family. So, she decided to do something for her family and for herself. She took a 3 months Training on Tailoring. However, the blockades were not over yet. She couldn’t manage fund for buying sewing machines and other required materials.

SOSEC Nepal, Dailekh had formed Pragatishil Youth club in Bhairabi RM 4 under the ” Women, Youth and Child Rights Promotion” program. Parbati was supported with cash of Rs.15000 to start her small tailoring business from Revolving fund. Now she earns monthly Rs. 10,000 to 15000.She used to swing clothes of house owner instead of Monthly house rent in her initial business period but now not only she regularly paid house rent but also earn money to managed her family livelihood. Because of her tremendous success and never giving up attitude her family also support her reverie so her mother join member of mother group and started Seasonal vegetable farming in the support of Rs.15000 and poly house. she also used to spend her leisure time in the field and also support to sell fresh vegitable in near market.

Parbati is now a successful small-scale entrepreneur in her community and known as one of the youth activists as well as a chairperson of Prgatishil Youth Club. She represented her district in Youth Conference organized by the partner organization and actively participates in different meetings held to address the issues of youth. She is even planning to continue her study along with her work.

 ” I still feel emotional when I think on how I left my study due to inadequate Rs 3000 to cover up my SLC compart exam’s expenses, so I just stayed at home, giving up all my dreams to study. I am glad and grateful to have Pragatishil youth club and SOSEC’s support for me. Now I have supported my brother to his study and family’s livelihood through Tailoring and seasonal vegetable farming. I couldn’t full fill my dream to study further but I see my dreams fulfilled in my younger brother. He already completed Junior Surveyor course and preparing for government job. and I am very happy for him. I hope I can support youths like me in further future with the support of organization “. said Parbati with a smile on her face.

Every youth must have passion and strong determination like Parbati to do something big. Even a small support can bring a ray of hope in darkness and create a pathway to success towards brightness.

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