Current Program

  • AADHAR- Promotion of Rights of Women, Youth and Children
  • Green Karnali- Climate and Gender Responsive Resilient Agriculture and Enterprises in Karnali River Basin
  • IWRMP- Integrated Water Resource Management Program
  • SAHAKARYA- Quality Education Enhancement, health and Livelihood Support program
  • SAHAYATRA II- Education, Child protection and Child Right Governance Program
  • SLaM- School Leadership Management Project
  • UTHHAN- Enhanced Action of Inclusive CSOs for Participation in Climate Resilient Economic Growth
  • Child Helpline and Women and Children Center
  • LGBTIQ Project
  • RAUTE- Promotion of Rights of Health and Education Improvement in Daily Lives of Raute People

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२४ चैत्र २०७८, बिहीबार ०४:३८
नयाँ वनाउदै गरेकाेले अपडेट हुदैछ ।

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