Problem of mass conversion disorder among teenage girls decreased

Dailakh, Paush 12

The problem of mass conversion disorder among teenage girls students in different schools of Guras VDC, Dailakh has been declining. This problem has repeatedly noticed since four years back at Saraswoti Secondary School and Shanti Secondary School.

When one student get unconscious (faint) than other remaining used to show the same symptoms. Students shows the symptoms like, tremor, loss of speech, impaired vision, impaired vision, loss of consciousness, loss of speech etc. After observing such problem Social Service Center (SOSEC) decided to recruit the the psycho-social counselor for the intervention. The program has been implemented through the project “Sahayatra” with the financial support of Save the Children. This problem has seen declining after providing counseling service at school.

According to the psycho-social counselor Tara Giri, “due to absent of counseling among students this problem has seen repeatedly noticed.” She further added, the problem has getting decreased after her presence in school as a counselor. It was found that family problems of students in home are the result of this problem. According to the local people, the problem has seen after the replacement of traditional temple with school through destruction. Bishnun Parsad Sharma, the principal of Shanti Secondary School said that, “the problem has been declining day by day after the program regulated by save the children and social service center Nepal, Dailakh.”


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